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The district is a rich and attractive tourist destination with abundant and diverse religious and cultural sites, National park, historical and archeological sites, forests, mountains, scenic locations, international stadiums, traditional villages and other attractions. The most significant feature is that the Matale district is home for three World Heritage sites; Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya Fortress and Knuckles Range which attract more domestic and international tourists. Matale district has numerous other tourist attractions including Wasgamuwa National Park, areas of natural scenic beauty (Pitawalapathana, Reverston), water-based recreation (Kandalama, Ibbankatuwa, Thalkote and Randeniya Tanks), archaeological and historical sites (Nalanda Gedige, Dambulla cave temple, Sigiriya fortress), interesting cultural traditions, arts and handicrafts, festivals and special events, agricultural landscape and various other attractions. Spice Gardens, Ayurvedic treatment and Meditation activities are the unique features in the area.  Climatic diversity in the area is the major reasons that attract tourists and climatic conditions in the area differ from place to place and tourists can get diverse climatic experiences within a short distance of travel. Southern parts of the area are fairly cool, while the northern parts are dry. The district also has a large number of religious attractions including Dambulla cave temple, Pidurangala temple, Aluwiharaya temple, the St. Anthony’s Church in Wahakotte, and Sri Muththumari Amman Kovil in Matale. The area is also home for several traditional and handicraft villages such as Thalkote, Diyakapilla, Hapuwida. There is an internationally renowned sporting facility in the area such as Rangiry Dambulu international cricket stadium as well.