World Heritage

Four sites of the Central Province in Sri Lanka have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage, namely, the ancient city of Sigiriya (1982), the Golden Temple of Dambulla (1991), the sacred city of Kandy (1988), the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka (2010).

Kandy District

Kandy District is one of the attractive districts located in the Central Province in Sri Lanka. Kandy city is the capital city which is the second largest city in the country after Colombo. It was the last capital of the ancient kings' era of Sri Lanka.

Matale District

Matale District is located in the northern part of the Central Province, Sri Lanka and it is home for three World Heritage sites; Dambulla Cave Temple, Sigiriya Fortress and Knuckles Range which attract more tourists

NuwaraEliya District

Nuwara Eliya district is located in the southern part of the Central Province. Nuwara Eliya city is the capital city which was built entirely during the 19th century by the British. It is called as “Little England” since it riches with the old colonial building, attractive landscaping and cool climate. 

Dansinen Fall

dansinan1Wonderful Dansinan fall is located in Pundalu- Oya of Kothmale. The height of this fall is 100 meters. This fall is cascaded as a beautiful veil of a bride whose veil covered sequence of steps. To reach the fall traveler must drive along Kandy, Nuwara-Eliya road then pass through Thalwalanthenn road to travel to Pundalu – Oya from here only 2.5 Km towards Nuwara- Eliya to the fall. This fall is very close to the road and segmented into two parts. One step is above the road and the other is below the small bridge across the fall. There’s a Kovil in the near vicinity of the cascade.






Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen-FallsAberdeen, the fall contains zig-Zag silvery ribbon of water is cascading above the Norton- Bridge reservoir. It is very fascinating and passes from Ginigathhena to Norton Bridge about 8 Km towards lush green Kalweldeniya.  This fall falling and winding through green hill adorn with different kinds of foliage. This is an amazing fall among the hundreds of water falls in Central hills of Sri Lanka. This 98 meters high water fall can be accessed by a few minute drives from Norton- Bridge or Maskeliya road.

There is a well maintained stone- cut steps to climb down the trek to the fall. If the accent is exhausting, the scenic beauty of the fall will sooth traveler. The cool white foamy water drops blows through the thick mountain forest encircled the fall. There’s a steep granite rock, beneath the rock is a crystal clear water pool. If it is safe enough, the pool is absolutely a tranquil place to swimmers who would like to enjoy the pleasure of fresh water bodies.


Rathna Water Fall

Rathna-EllaRathna Ella located in Hasalka of Kandy district is about 101 meters heigh. It brings waters for irrigation works and paddy cultivation of Maha Eswedduma.  This Ella is stepped into segments and at the bottom of 1st rung there’s a natural swimming pool where travelers can enjoy the cool waters of the fall. The surrounding of the fall cover with greenery of paddy fields and jungle conferred   with ample number of bird species such as Bee- eaters, Jungle fowls and animals  such as mongoose, foxes, squirrels dears and much more. Other than that there are plenty of endemic and exotic dry zone plants such as dun, keena and kaluwara.  The waters of the fall nourish the paddy fields of the village dwellers near Rathana Ella. The trek is very interesting pass through the panoramic village “Maha Esadduma” along irrigation water canal dam and through the home gardens of the charming villagers. It is originated and nourishes from the catchment of Knuckles mountain range. This fall is also known as Nawa rathna Ella as villagers believe seven posts of precious stones were hidden nearby the fall.


Huluganga Waterfall


The height of this water fall is 75 meters and it is located at Panwila Provincial Secretary Division in Knuckles range which belongs to Kandy district.

This picturesque water fall cascades down from the Knuckles mountain range which is one the world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. The sparkling waters of this beautiful water fall flows through the “Dumbara  mitiyawatha” ( Dumbara Valley ). Traveler must drive through Kandy – Panwila via Wattegama road about 32 Km to access this splendid water fall.

This fall originates to spill from Hulu river which springs from the highest mountain (“Gombaniya” ) of Knuckles range. The fall is drizzled down from solid granite bed rock and passes through alluring native villages Elliyadda and Aratthana then joins in the Mahaweli River through Victoria Reservoir at Kundasale.

The cool clear waters of  Hulu ganga quenches the thirst of people in Kundasale electorate and help agricultural   development of the area while nourishing forests of Knuckles range.


Asupini Ella

AhupiniAsupini Ella is located in Nawalapitiya of Ganga Ihala Korale and it is 300m in height.  Sparkling clear waters of this water fall springs out from Raksawa Mountain which is gushing through Udapalatha.  According to the ancient chronicles, this fall had been used as a border demarcation between the area of “Sathara Korale and Paranu Kuru Korale”. This precious and astonished creation of the Mother Nature adorns Dolosbage Udapalatha of the Central province. This fall is gushing through as well as Aranayaka area of Mawanella. Both the areas are attracted by the travels visit there since the beauty of Asupinu Ella.

According to the folklore, this amazing waterfall’s name had have derived as once a worried horse-riding monarch had leapt from the fall. The village are said, that they hear terrifying howl from the fall and this sound last more than 15 minutes. They area believe this sound originate because of this scarification of the monarch. If is believe, this fall is claimed human lives thus the travelers must be warned to not to bathe in there.

The crystal clear silvery waters of  Ma-Oya creates this amazing fall. Travelers can be reached the fall via Gampola – Dolosbage road, and then 3km walk through picturesque Epalawaththa village.


Kurundu Oya water fall

KuruduOyaThe source of this fall is Kurundu ganga. Therefore, the name Kurundu Oya is derivate from the name of its source. The height of this fall is about 189 meters and the width ranges with the rain fall. It is among the heights waterfalls of the central hills.

The fall situated in Nuwara- Eliya district the south west direction of Watumulla town.  Thus Kurundu – Oya can be reached from Kandy, Nuwara- Eliya road via Rikillagaskada. The location of the fall is very picturesque and breathe taking while winding through Rilamulla Estate which is close to Mathurata area. This amazing water fall seen as two segments and belongs to the dry zone of the central hills. The distance between the segment is around 20 meters.




Galaboda Water fall

GalabodaThis picturesque silvery cascade is situated in Nuwara Eliya district. It is 98 feet in height and surrounded by green forest bestowed with endemic  as well as exotic plants and animals.   This fall swells and appears as heavenly cascade in rainy seasons along with the dry periods. There are plenty of non-saline aquatic species dwell in the waters of the fall. Among them most attractive species are inland water plant called as “Gal Idda” and fresh water prawns. Some rare species of fresh water fish also live in the cool waters of the fall.
Colombo- Badulla railway track is beautified by this fall which can be seen as a silver chain of an Up country beauty. Therefore, Galaboda railway station is famous as an enchanted place of travelers since this fall is situated in the back yard of the station.  Then it is winding through the green tea plantations.
There are two accesses to the fall through beautiful and isolated Galaboda village. Railway track is the best way to reach the fall as other transport facilities are poor. Amazing Galaboda village is located in between Nawalpitiya and Watawala, in  Colombo –  Badulla  railway track. The fall can be reached after passing 1.5 Km from the Galaboda Station. If any traveler takes the Nawalapitya, fall can be reached across Mapakanda. Many pleasurable since with Hein ford fall and other beautiful small silver lines can be enjoyed   while travelling 10.5 Km