The Provincial Ministry of Tourism in the Central Provincial Council is responsible for promoting and facilitating tourism other than the central government. The Department of Tourism was established under the Provincial Ministry of Tourism in the Central Province to provide an efficient and quality service for tourists. Our prime objective is to ensure that both local and foreign tourists have a safe, pleasurable and memorable travel experience without being subjected to any harassment, fraud, theft or inconvenience.


Focusing our objective, now we have planned and strengthened our capacity to formulate policies to provide efficient and quality services for tourists with the corporation of all the stakeholders in the province: to ensure the safety and security of tourists, to develop existing and potential tourist attractions with accessibility and amenities, the quality and quantity of human resources required for tourism, the accommodation facilities in the province, the knowledge and skills of the service providers including communities and to disseminate tourism information.  


Our main expectation is to give a wonderful tourist experience in the Central Province for visitors providing better, quality and efficient services under the peaceful and freer situation currently available in Sri Lanka. 


Contact Details

Department of Trade, Commerce & Tourism  

 Director   Mr. H.M.M.U.B. Herath (Acting) ,

Department of Trade, Commerce & Tourism

No: 1054, Getambe, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.  

  +94 081 2387118 | Fax:  +94 0812213281
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